The last time we worked with multidisciplinary talent Yinka Ilori, who recently received an MBE for his work in design, was last year. Towards the start of the first lockdown, Yinka designed a billboard project that aimed to uplift the public and remind them that “better days are coming”. For another instalment of our Your Space Or Mine project, we’re proud to be working with Yinka again on a much bigger collaboration across the nation.

Yinka’s large scale pieces work with pops of colour to transform public spaces like Thassaly Road Bridge and Dulwich Pavilion into eye-catching, inspiring works of art. Much of his work spreads words of positivity, like a recent commission by Harrow Council, for which Yinka took over an entire wall with a show-stopping rainbow mural reading “LOVE ALWAYS WINS”. His new billboards, which will be live for the month of February, are characteristically bright. Utilising his signature colours and unmistakable eye for design, Yinka chose the words “IF YOU CAN DREAM THEN ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. With pink, bold outlined type against a playful background of green, yellows, pinks, and blues, it’s an eye-catching reminder that we are always allowed to dream.