Over the coming weeks, we’ll be spotlighting artists from our Your Space Or Mine series to bring you inspiration and keep you thinking creatively in your living room.

Artist Mark Titchner, whose bold work often features on billboards, buildings and other public spaces, has produced some stunning artwork for our collaboration. Mark wants to offer hope and boost our morale through his colourful posters which are up in 10 cities across the UK. With many of us only leaving the house for our daily errands and exercise, the bright, uplifting pieces are an antidote to the monotony we are all facing.

Reading “PLEASE BELIEVE THESE DAYS WILL PASS”, the bright work is a rallying cry for hope that disrupts the urban environment. It’s likely that Mark’s latest work will be seen more on social media than on the street, something that’s different for someone who so often works in the public sphere, but however you see it, we hope that it will reach the people who need the message the most.

As part of our collaboration we have made the poster artwork downloadable so that you can help spread the message too. Print them out and display them in your window.