Why I'm No Longer Talking
to White People About Race

Book Promotion

Back in 2014, journalist and black feminist Reni Eddo-Lodge posted a piece on her blog entitled “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race”. The post addressed Reni’s frustration with the fact that people who weren’t directly affected by racism seemed to be the ones leading the discussion on it.

The post created an internet storm, drawing responses from many people who not only agreed with Reni’s opinions but had had very similar experiences. The result led to a book of the same name three years later, which went on to become a Sunday Times Bestseller and Book of the Year at Foyle’s and Blackwell’s amongst other accolades. Sparking national debate, it has been hailed as a timely and essential read and become a necessary exploration of race relations in Britain today.

We were excited to work with Bloomsbury Publishing on an outdoor campaign for the book. The original monochrome artwork detailed extracts on 48 sheet billboards and 4 sheet takeovers across the UK. The incredible author visited one of the sites, adding images to Twitter with the comment “2014: blog post. 2018: billboard”, which received 9k likes and over 2k re-tweets.

  • Campaign to promote Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race
  • Poster campaign
  • London and Birmingham