Anniversary Mural

To celebrate Umbro’s 95th anniversary and Manchester’s shared love of football, we teamed up with the brand to create a 10-metre high mural in the Northern Quarter. The colourfully striking mural was made up of tweets from both United and City fans, expressing what football means to them and how it inspires tales of love, hope and household divisions. The design was a collaboration between Umbro and local illustrator Tom Nicklin and will be on display until the end of the month.

Umbro Head of Global Brand Marketing, Helene Hope, said: “Umbro was founded in Manchester back in 1924 and is still based here today, so it’s only fitting that we kicked-off our 95th birthday celebration right here in our hometown. Football is nothing without the fans and this piece of street art, created by fans, reflects the passion Mancunians and Umbro have for the game. I think every football fan in this city that comes to look at the wall will recognise the love for football on display.”

  • Campaign to promote Umbro’s 95th anniversary
  • Mural
  • Northern Quarter, Manchester