Turners Modern World


We invite you to take a sneak peek into Turners Modern World on the street, as we showcase a selection of engrossing works from one of Britain’s greatest artists in Tate’s latest campaign.

Described as ‘a roaring, wondrous whirlpool of a show’ the 4* exhibition aptly subtitled ‘Painting Times of Change’, is a major exhibition exploring Turners’ fascination with the impact of industrialisation, and explores how he captured this new, exciting world.

Whilst the museums and galleries themselves have closed during this second lock-down, we are delighted that once again, our street level poster and billboard sites are being used to their full potential and embraced as a platform for showcasing engaging content that is safe to view.  We have seen our nationwide sites transformed into outdoor galleries in the past few months, including for Southbank Centre, nationwide Your Space Or Mine collaborations and Brighton Photoworks Festival, and we are overjoyed that our posters are having a positive and inspiring impact on the communities they reside in.

We look forward to Tate opening its doors once again, and being able to explore the full exhibition post lockdown (on display until 7 March 2021.) but for now enjoy a preview on the street and pre-book your exhibition tickets online.