Tibet’s Secret Temple

Wellcome Collection

When the Wellcome Collection approached us to promote their new exhibition, ‘Tibet’s Secret Temple’, we took the opportunity to get super creative. With so many posters and adverts clamouring for our attention we wanted to engage Londoners with the new exhibition in an unexpected way.

The big idea was to commission #SecretTemple murals across street-level poster sites. We used eight of our sites across London and attributed each a word associated with the exhibition (Tibet, Secret, Temple, Body, Mind, Meditation, Tantric, Buddhism). We recruited eight local artists, asking them to interpret one of the words, and tasked them with producing a mural in their own unique style. What they created in just a few hours, was absolutely wonderful!

  • Campaign to promote a new exhibition at the Wellcome Collection
  • Implemented a creative execution to engage people in an unusual way
  • 8 artists commissioned to create 8 murals on billboard sites across London

Tibet – Alex Mellon

Secret by Wil Stewart

Temple by Athene Greig

Body by Joe Cruz

Mind by Alexander Jameswood

Meditation by Thomas Slater

Tantric by Claudine O’Sullivan

Buddhism by Ruairi Fallon Mcguigan