RED at Wyndham’s Theatre

Tease and reveal takeover

John Logan’s epic play about artist Martin Rothko made a welcome revival in the West End of London in 2018. Showing at Wyndham’s Theatre, Red follows Rothko as he deals with his toughest challenge to date – painting a number of murals for the lavish Four Seasons restaurant.

To launch the reboot of the Tony award-winning play, we teamed up with AKA on a special tease and reveal takeover of our Blackfriars site. For one week we teased a red takeover with the words “What do you see?” emblazoned on the site, leaving passersby confused and intrigued. The following week the huge stars of the play, Alfred Molina and Alfred Enoch, took centre stage alongside the incredible reviews that the play had received. The result was a high impact campaign to promote the return of this incredible production.

  • Campaign to promote Red at Wyndam’s Theatre
  • Tease and reveal site takeover
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