Me and White Supremacy

'You have the chance to change the story'

We recently worked with Quercus on Layla F Saad’s essential title Me and White Supremacy – a 28-Day Challenge to Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor.

Structured as a 28-day guide targeted at white audiences, the book aims to guide readers through a journey of understanding and identifying the impact of white privilege and white supremacy over their lives.  The poster campaign, features engaging, bold creative showcases the book as mandatory reading and is paired with the simple but exceptionally effective addition of a tearaway ‘white privilege checklist’ – encouraging people to engage with the sites and take away a thought-provoking part of the campaign to complete and contemplate over.

  • Poster campaign to promote ‘Me and White Supremacy’
  • Tearaway ‘White Privilege Checklist’
  • London