Manchester International Festival

Poster campaign

Now in its 13th year, Manchester International Festival (MIF) brings together artists from different art forms and backgrounds. By weaving them together in a celebration of cultural unity that takes place all across Greater Manchester, it’s a biannual event that immerses all of the city. MIF covers the whole spectrum – it’s an artist-led festival presenting new works from the performing arts, visual arts and popular culture. This year’s programme might just be the best one yet, it’s line-up includes Yoko Ono, Skepta, Idris Elba, Kwame Kwei-Armah, plus many more. To help promote the inspiring festival we put up a series of 4 sheet and 48 sheet posters around Manchester and London to get people excited about the events to come.

  • Campaign to promote MIF
  • Poster campaign
  • Manchester, London