Stand up to power

Liberty is an independent membership organisation who challenge injustice, defend freedom and ensure everyone is treated fairly. The organisation has been campaigning in the UK since 1934 to protect fundamental rights and hold those in power to account – without political agenda, profit or popular opinion. In 2018 – after 84 years – Liberty launched a brand new logo, inspired by their bold, timeless campaigning materials from the 1940s, 50s and 60s and we worked directly with the organisation to spread this important message throughout Manchester.

The “Stand up to power” posters are a compelling reminder of the fight that has gone before and an indication that we still have some way to go to make things better. The posters focus in on moments in history where injustice has been challenged: a woman protester being dragged along by police; one of the first same-sex weddings in 2014; a woman protesting for equal pay; whistleblower Edward Snowden; and images from the 1948 Empire Windrush. Not unexpectedly, the powerful imagery caught the attention of people on the street, who took pictures of the campaign and carried the message forward.

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