Grandmaster Flash

Birmingham Special Build

In 2018, industry pioneer Grandmaster Flash went on tour to deliver the first ever interactive visual history of the hip hop party. Hip Hop, People,  Places and Things, delved into the amazing history of the genre and the techniques whilst demonstrating the breaks from the original 70’s records. Better still, the legend himself was coming to Birmingham to perform it at the Town Hall – and what better way to celebrate the show than the creation of an incredible spillboard in the heart of the city?

We worked directly with the venue to create a special build worthy of Grandmaster Flash, complete with his trademark lightening bolt. The spill-board certainly struck passersby on the busy road, and the Town Hall promoted the activity on their Twitter and Instagram to excited fans. Check out the video below to see how it all came together.

  • Campaign to promote Grandmaster Flash at the Town Hall Symphony Hall
  • Special Build
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