Graffiti Art at Meadowbank

Edinburgh Council

Jack Arts has teamed up with Spectrum Arts and Edinburgh Council to create a space for graffiti art while work is underway on the new facilities at Meadowbank.

Five showcase sites are available to experienced graffiti artists who submit their ideas to secure the space for a month. We have also produced an accessible site for the street art community, as well as working with local schools to turn children’s drawings of Meadowbank’s history into artist collages that we printed and installed. The children were then invited down to see their work on a large scale in the heart of their city.

Artists who have so far created work at Meadowbank include Trepo Parker from Mexico, DLA1 from Inverness, Baby/Pure from Edinburgh, and Fabrik/Mover & Shona Hardie also from Edinburgh.

Mark and the team at Spectrum Arts have been involved in a number of interesting Graffiti projects in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland and we are delighted to be working with them to bring this site to life.

  • Meadowbank graffiti space
  • Community arts project
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