Go Radio

Go Glasgow

Citywide poster display for Glasgow’s own Go Radio. The red, white and black takeover design reflects the shows – eye catching, vibrant and jam packed with the finest radio content from weeknight Football to Saturday night guilty pleasures. The campaign includes an impressive Football Show focus on our equally impressive Barrowland’s billboard.

The bold poster sites are designed to be seen and designed to be read. Go Radio teamed up with Your Space or Mine artist Social Recluse, initially inspired by an original Trainspotting book jacket, Social Recluse said of the design ‘It worked for the music and it worked for the football and then it worked for the radio and it’s presenters… I wanted to get in people’s heads with this campaign and have them reading the posters while sitting at traffic lights.’ GO LISTEN.

  • Campaign to promote Go Radio
  • Poster campaign: 4 Sheets, Takeovers, 48 Sheets
  • Glasgow based