Fire on All Sides

Book and Album Launch

We’re all too often rushing about, so busy in our day-to-day lives that we’re unable to stop, pause and reflect. Our mental health is not priority number one, suffering in the background from the influences of social media, the anxiety of work, the pressures of life. Concert pianist James Rhodes tackles these issues head on in his book Fire on All Sides, as he explores the connection between music and mental health. The book follows him on a five-month tour of Europe which pushed him to his limits and forced him to confront his demons.

In 2018, to accompany the powerful book of the same name, James released a calming classical music playlist of 50 beautiful tracks. We teamed up with Quercus Publishing Group to create a very special billboard in east London to promote both the book and playlist, inviting busy commuters to stop for a moment and quieten the mind. Our bespoke listening billboard was designed to remind them that, even in moments of high stress, there is always music. Watch the reactions in our case study film below.

  • Campaign to promote Fire on all sides
  • Bespoke listening billboard
  • East London