Over the years we’ve fallen for the lovingly crafted Rag & Bone advertising campaigns, capturing our hearts with ‘self shots’ of Miranda Kerr back in 2011, to black and white shots of Winona Ryder for their fall collection only last year (which we lovingly displayed around London, take a look here). But the American retailer went one step further in securing our admiration after we discovered that they had been renting out the wall of their New York store. Rag & Bone asked local artist, Rainer Judd to create artwork for the blank white wall on Elizabeth Street. Judd is the daughter of American minimalist artist, Donald Judd and grew up just a few blocks away, it was during these childhood years that she began keeping journals, noting down everything from teenage crushes to family holidays, to teaching her brother to play guitar, now aged 43 she has filled more than 30 journals with notes, thoughts, drawings and musings. Most people would think the idea of publishing their most private thoughts onto a 13ft by 17ft wall on a busy city thoroughfare as a thing of nightmares, but Judd, along with her company, Archer Trooper & Co decided to do just that and even created a short film showing the nine pages from a range of her journals come and go over a month long period – click here to view.

As Fashion Week reaches it’s peak in New York we look forward to seeing what Rag & Bone have brought to the catwalk, and what their next advertising campaign might bring to the streets of London, surely there’s a store with a blank wall somewhere?