Art Night returned to the capital last weekend, giving art enthusiasts and lovers their annual chance to embark on a nighttime journey of discovery around London. Alongside our support of the overall trail and programme, this year we were also honoured to partner with artist Uta Kögelsberger on her unique one-off billboard performance.

The project began in the run up to the last election. Kögelsberger took portraits for a mail out project of friends and colleagues whose residency status was being called into question because of the upheaval of Brexit – despite having made the UK their home for most of their lives. These people had become Uncertain Subjects within their own country.

In continuation of this project, this year Kögelsberger opened the series up to include British citizens who felt strongly about Brexit. The project was expanded to include many who are moving away from the UK because they feel this country no longer represents their best interests, some who are staying and campaigning, others who feel their professional interests are under threat, and those who are applying for Irish citizenship. The portraits were transformed into a live performance, as a single billboard was continuously covered and re-covered with posters. The work aimed to give a voice to those who feel they have been silenced by the failing democratic processes.

We were delighted to help Kögelsberger source the billboard for the performance in the Leake Street Tunnel, as well as lend a hand posting the artwork. It ran from 6pm-1am on the evening of Art Night and received incredible feedback from art lovers attending the evening.

For more information on the artist and her Uncertain Subjects project click here.