We’re super excited to announce that our sister agency, Diabolical is an official supporter of Secret 7” 2016. This wonderful initiative takes 7 tracks from 7 of the best-known musicians and presses each one 100 times to 7” vinyl, it then asks creatives from around the world to visually interpret the tracks in their own style for each 7”. Every year, 700 sleeves are exhibited and sold for £50 each. The fun bit is that nobody knows whose sleeve they’ve bought or which song its for, until they’ve parted with their dosh – the secret lies within. Not only does Secret 7″ foster creativity, but most importantly, all proceeds will go to Amnesty International. To help our friends over at Secret 7” spread the word, we’ve been supporting them with their first ever billboards, featuring the names of all the sleeve artists, located on Old Street. Loads of the artists have been spotting their names and taking selfies!