Jack Arts is excited to be partnering with Saatchi Gallery to support the launch of Sweet Harmony: Rave Today, the UK’s first major exhibition dedicated to acid house and rave culture. The exhibition is now open until September 14 to provide an immersive retrospective look into the history and impact of the acid house revolution. It features audio-visual installations, art, photography and more through the voices and lenses of those who experienced it.

To help spread the word on the street, we teamed up with Saatchi Gallery on a striking tease and reveal poster campaign across London. The entire campaign was paper and paste, reflecting how raves were advertised when they first started – when posters were the only information source for parties happening in the area. The poster artwork featured the work of artist, Mustafa Hulusi, taken from his iconic Expander series. Hulusi has been posting his art on walls and billboards across East London since 1998. Throughout his career, Jack Arts has provided an integral platform upon which the artist has been able to showcase much of his work. To find out more about Sweet Harmony: Rave Today visit the Saatchi Gallery website here.