This City is our Canvas. 200 Design and Visual Art students from The Manchester College have responded to Manchester Art Gallery’s 5th annual live brief.  Working with artists, curators, designers and tutors, the Future Creatives were asked to explore the role that art and culture plays in shaping Manchester and create a personal response.

26 students were selected to work on the final stage, and with the guidance of designer Craig Oldham, their artworks have been developed into a folio of posters, which we are showcasing on the streets of Manchester in a city-wide intervention. The posters are displayed as 4 sheets on our street-side frames, as well as on two large format billboards which feature a specially designed collage of all 26 final artworks.

We are so inspired by the final artworks, which were a broad, diverse range of styles and mediums and are excited to have the opportunity to use our poster sites to highlight the wealth of emerging local talent.  By showcasing the students work around Manchester and the Art Gallery we have provided the opportunity for the young artists to make a statement within their city and place their art directly into the environment where they have drawn inspiration.