American artist Keith Haring’s bold pop-art inspired artworks brighten up the streets in a dual city campaign to promote the first major UK exhibition of his work at Tate Liverpool.

Inspired by pop art and the underground club culture, American artist Keith Haring’s artwork grew directly from the street culture of 1980’s New York; an inspiration that is evident throughout his work.

As Haring is renowned for his loud graffiti style artworks that are rooted in street culture, we are delighted to be involved with the campaign; our street-level, traditional paper-and-paste poster sites provide the ideal platform to promote this vibrant exhibition.

We love the double creative – featuring one of Haring’s most recognisable drawings, a stylised mono outline of two people embracing, surrounded by pop of colourful border in magenta and sky blue – simple, bold and effective. The campaign includes high impact 4-sheet format posters which were rolled out in a city-wide takeover of Jack Arts sites in Liverpool as well as neighbouring Manchester for maximum local coverage.  The strong artwork works in solus locations as well as creating high impact visuals when tiled in alternating colours.

Keith Haring is on display at Tate Liverpool until 10 November 2019.