You may not be familiar with the name Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, but you will probably recognise the artwork.

Graphic designer Michael English met Nigel Waymouth, artist and co-partner in what has since become known as London’s first psychedelic boutique, Granny Takes a Trip, at the height of the ‘swinging sixties,’ when a mutual friend asked the duo to collaborate on a poster advertising the short-lived but infamous UFO club in London. The pair went on to create infamous gig posters for Pink Floyd, The Who and the Isle of Wight Festival (to name only a few).

After the UFO club folded Michael and Nigel formed the company, Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, creating among other things covers for the radical OZ magazine and posters for Jimi Hendrix, one of which recently sold at auction for $72,000. The duo are credited with creating an English form of psychedelic poster art influenced by among many things, Art Nouveau, William Blake and even Disney. They eventually went their separate ways, though not before they had released two albums.

In 2011 the IG Gallery featured an exhibition of Hapshash and the Coloured Coats greatest pieces. Nigel Waymouth talks about the exhibition and the duo’s art in a short film here.

Sadly Michael English died in 2009, but with such a legacy left behind we are sure we wouldn’t be the only ones to welcome another exhibition in London soon, or at least a nice coffee table book for the Jack Arts office!